I think I died and went to color heaven.

For real.

Molly Luetkemeyer  is the fearless captain of the crazy color ship that is  m. design interiors. Feast your weary Friday eyes on this.

What!? Flamestich rug, lacquered walls, crystal teardrops.  My gawd.

No words.

Hang a betta tank  to make an amazing seagrass wallpaper that much better.

Why wouldn’t you marbleize  your bookshelves?

In my short teeny years in designland (5 years graduated in May-woot!), I’ve quickly come to appreciate that nothing is complete until you add as much color as you can get away with, and you also haven’t finished until you’ve injected a little  humor.  Molly’s work is bold, glamorous and quirky. I’m a fan.

All images via m. design interiors, inc.


One thought on “I think I died and went to color heaven.

  1. Love, love LOVE your blog!!! This post specifically is fantastic… love the fearless color combos. Makes me want to break out the paint and paper and go to town!!! Thanks!

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