Happy Friday! and wanderlust courtesy of Sam.

Hey There!

I have a little sister named Green Eggs and Sam, she just turned 15…in the South of France. INTHESOUTHOFFRANCE.  I think I celebrated my 15th birthday at  the TGIFriday’s  in the Shopper’s World  Plaza in Framingham…I am not hating, but I think she knows what a lucky girl she is.

Mini-me spent 20 days bopping around Europe as a student ambassador with an organization called  People to People.  She just got back last Saturday, we poured over twelve hundred pictures (can I just mention how proud I am over of the obsessive picture taking).  She  chose a couple of her beautiful shots to share on TVF,  because honestly, who doesn’t want to see pictures of Europe and just maybe catch the travel bug?

TVF: Why were you interested in going on this type of trip? 

SAM: I mean,  who would pass on this kind of adventure? I love traveling and meeting new people, even if its nerve-wracking at first. I thought it would be a great opportunity to take in some culture and see the world from a different perspective, get some school credits, and it just made it all the more worth while with all the stories, memories, and new friends I came home with. 

Can you list some of the  places you visited?
Spain:  Madrid, Toledo, Zaragoza and Barcelona/ France:  Cannes, Montpellier, and Nice/  Italy:  Florence and  Rome

What was your favorite part of the trip? 

I fell in love with Italy. The history, especially in Rome. The Colosseum had me in awe as did the beautiful statue of Michelangelo’s “David” in Florence. 

How did you spend your birthday?
I spent the first half of my birthday on the bus. They put on some music and we would sing along and stuff and then Claudia, our Austrian leader, handed me a card that everyone had signed. That afternoon we were sent off in groups of three to a French family we would stay with for the next three days. We had dinner and then we had ice cream and they sang Happy Birthday to me before we went on a sunset walk in a gorgeous park.

That beats being serenaded  at TGIFriday’s, you win.

Isn’t babygirl a stunner?

Aren’t her pictures amazing?  Excellent photographer, you are GE&S.

Thanks to my protege, I have serious wanderlust, and even decided not to procrastinate on renewing my passport for a couple glorious tropical vacations in the horizon.  Thanks for sharing Sam Sam! Next time you bop around Europe, I’m coming.




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