Happy Friday! and Earl loves to ball on Instagram.

Happy Friday, Folks!

Since this week has kicked me hard in the rear, or better yet- I kicked this week in it’s rear,  I thought an Earl post would be much more fun than writing up a real post ….this after a rockin’ 14 hour work day yesterday, and yes,  this is me totally taking the easy route to the weekend and there ain’t nothing wrong with that honey boo boo.

You may have seen my Instagrams via link on the sidebar.  By the looks of things, I think everything looks better seen through a nifty filter, which results with me instagramming quite a bit.  I can’t help it, I’ve tried to cut back, it didn’t work.  Earl is my biggest enabler, every time I see him napping like Dracula, I’m like oh shit, where’s my phone.

So here it is…enjoy.

This is Earl depressed because he hates walking in the rain, even with that sick hand-me-down jacket from Rocky Balboa, who is Rocky Balboa, you ask?  See below.

This is Rocky Balboa, he  is my brother’s child.

Pepper on the left and Ty on the right, these are Earl’s biffies at mom’s house.  They don’t usually sport such amazing haircuts, and Ty has both eyes, I don’t know what happened there, he looks like a total pirate.

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