Side tracked by a Parisian girl named Alix.

I think I’ve just come across the most beautiful place on the internet.  While diligently working on a post last night,  I was pleasantly side tracked by a blog called The Cherry Blossom Girl.   Judging from how popular it is – and rightfully so- I may be  a bit late to the party, nonetheless, I am beyond happy to have found it.  Alix was born and raised in Paris, she has worked for the likes of Alexander McQueen and Chloe (le sigh), she has impeccable style that is perfectly feminine, romantic and whimsical, she travels to places I dream of visiting… She is also an amazing photographer…Oh how I wish I could post every picture… Oh how I think I might literally be in love with a website… Oh the wonders of blogging…

My favorite part about blogging is coming across other blogs.  If you have a minute, or a couple hours, be sure to visit Alix’s world.

All images via The Cherry Blossom Girl.



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