Fun with geometry, and I am not even lying about the “fun” part.

I came across the image below on Design Lovefest, one of my favorite places on the internet.  After cocking my head to the side and saying “huh?”  I became intrigued and wanted to know a little more about what I was looking at, turns out it’s the work of renowned architect Francesco Librizzi, you can read more about him  here.

What got me most excited about the geometric stairs?  They took me right back to the very moment that  I learned how to draw 3D geometric shapes (you know, when you draw two shapes and connect all the corners at an angle to create magic).  This was the birth of my very serious drawing career in elementary, middle and high school (then in college, I became too busy drawing floor plans, elevations and perspectives  to continue sketching portraits).

Anywhoo, a simple 3D cube drawn on a notebook was start of my drawing… shall we call it “passion” …which opened me up to the wonderful world of art and ultimately led me to design.  I never even once thought about a career in accounting, which is a fine career, just was never for me, and I think I can thank geometry for that.

Crazy, mind blowing stairs by architect Francesco Librizzi above,  Which set off the small collection below…

George cocktail and console tables from Oly Studio.

Trophy Heads  from Bend Seating.

Counter Stool also from Bend Seating.

Edmond Brass Hexagon Pendant from Arteriors Home.

Random  Geometry wallpaper from Nama Rococo.

Geometric Terrariums at Old Faithful Shop.



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