Thiara Borges

Boston based interior designer, hones her craft here, falls in love fast and often while on a never-ending search for beautiful things,  always overwhelmed with inspiration and looks to share with other beauty seekers.  Known fabric junkie, obsessed with color, pattern, texture and nail polish.  Bops around town with a small chihuahua sidekick named Earl. The h in Thiara is silent, so I get to be named after a princess accoutrement without it being super obvious.


16 thoughts on “Thiara Borges

  1. Hi Thiara. how beautiful is this!!! YOUR WEBSITE IS AMAZING!! CONGRATULATIONS TO YOU !!!! Love Ya!!! Hugs and love ~Donna

  2. Hello Old Friend!
    Such a fan and so proud! Love love love the Margaret Elman chairs, such an inspiration! Bringing the
    new with the style of the old, inspiring indeed!
    Keep up the good work!

  3. Hi Thiara,
    I just love the Aztec Crewel and some others of your liking too. I wonder, how could I buy some of these fabric for my own home renovation?



    • Hi Ran,
      These fabrics are available to the trade. An Interior Designer in your area will be able to help you with Clarence House fabrics! Thanks for the inquiry.

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