Jeffrey Bilhuber. The Way Home.

Can Jeffrey Bilhuber adopt me, please? (jk, jk, love you mom!)  Seriously, I came across this post on Mark D. Sikes‘ blog recently and my jaw dropped to the floor.    The images below are from Bilhuber’s  book,  The Way Home: Reflections on American Beauty,  which is about to be in my Amazon cart like right now.  The book is beautifully photographed and features an array of  Bilhuber’s work, which exemplifies classic and effortlessly comfortable interior design.  His insane attention to detail,  ability to mix old and new and genius approach to color are enough to make a girl like me lose her cool.  I can’t wait to cuddle this book.

All images via.

Photographs by William Abranowicz.

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5 thoughts on “Jeffrey Bilhuber. The Way Home.

  1. i love this style – casual, eclectic, comfortable, not precious and perfect, like you’re not allowed to put your feet up and get cozy. I’ll be looking for this book at my local bookstore. Thanks!

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