Up in the air somewhere…in my heart.

Up in the air somewhere is the labor of love of Chicago-based artist Susan Dwyer.  Her collection of ceramic and papier-mâché vessels literally takes my breath away .every. time.  Each hand made piece is inspired by the minimal lines of industrial architecture in the Chicago landscape.   She uses no molds, so no two pieces are alike.  The simplicity of  her work is stunning and the delicate shapes and textures of her paper vessels is unlike anything I’ve seen.

Large gold paper bowl.  Seriously? Amazing.


Gold paper bowls.


Large white pitcher and cups hand dipped in yellow rubber. (((dipped in yellow rubber!!!!)))


Color burst paper bowls.


Silo Vases.


Yellow fade bowl set.


Peach smokestack.


Factory Vessels.

The pieces above are available through her Etsy shop and her website.



2 thoughts on “Up in the air somewhere…in my heart.

  1. i was just thinking about how i didn’t get to do enough paper mache when i was younger! this seems like a very grown up way to do it.


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