Fun with geometry, and I am not even lying about the “fun” part.

I came across the image below on Design Lovefest, one of my favorite places on the internet.  After cocking my head to the side and saying “huh?”  I became intrigued and wanted to know a little more about what I was looking at, turns out it’s the work of renowned architect Francesco Librizzi, you can read more about him  here.

What got me most excited about the geometric stairs?  They took me right back to the very moment that  I learned how to draw 3D geometric shapes (you know, when you draw two shapes and connect all the corners at an angle to create magic).  This was the birth of my very serious drawing career in elementary, middle and high school (then in college, I became too busy drawing floor plans, elevations and perspectives  to continue sketching portraits).

Anywhoo, a simple 3D cube drawn on a notebook was start of my drawing… shall we call it “passion” …which opened me up to the wonderful world of art and ultimately led me to design.  I never even once thought about a career in accounting, which is a fine career, just was never for me, and I think I can thank geometry for that.

Crazy, mind blowing stairs by architect Francesco Librizzi above,  Which set off the small collection below…

George cocktail and console tables from Oly Studio.

Trophy Heads  from Bend Seating.

Counter Stool also from Bend Seating.

Edmond Brass Hexagon Pendant from Arteriors Home.

Random  Geometry wallpaper from Nama Rococo.

Geometric Terrariums at Old Faithful Shop.



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Tears drops I can live with, and maybe obsess over.

The only tear drops I enjoy -besides the ones from hysterically belly laughing- are the  kind attached  a fabulous Mid Century Italian chandelier.

Emerald green drops chandelier via G&G Italian Design on 1st Dibs.

The world of Molly Luetkemeyer is so amazing,  just look  at this craziness.

A handsome new take from Ochre.

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Plates on a wall.

Hanging plates on a wall is nothing new, that’s not to say that this time-honored decorative tradition can’t be fresh.  I love the effects created by the collections in the images below.  Unexpected placements, layering,  color groupings,  freeform asymmetrical shapes … same concept,  wildly different takes.  See?  Collecting things is still allowed and encouraged, as long as said things are pretty and make you happy (so much room for interpretation).

The blue and white plates want to be traditional, but the color contrast against the Suzani and composition don’t allow it.

There is so much to love about this image.  It’s over-the-top at  it’s finest!

A sweet and vintage approach.

Now, a dark and moody approach.

Scattered Blue and Whites in the bedroom.  Rooster lamp for the win.

Mostly sweet (with a fierce looking pup in the mix to let you know these plates are messing around). I love the texture and layering  of this one.

All black and white on graphite on an outside  wall at the Viceroy.

It’s okay to let a clock join in on the fun, as long as it works well with the plates.

Cool Marimekko Plates.

On an outside corner. Love.

If you’re lazy (no judgement),  you can always get some of these porcelain plate wallpapers from Studio Ditte!

All sources linked within images.



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Black Crow Studios FTW.

I love me some watercolors…So it’s no surprise that I  am dying over these wallpapers from Black Crow Studios.  I think this is everything I ever wanted in a wall covering.

Earlier this week, I posted about chocolate as art, and I guess we are  keeping with that theme… this is wallpaper as a truly beautiful and unique art form.  And because it is art, it can be used within so many  interior styles… ranging from modern to classic (as seen below). It can be as bold or as subtle as you’d like.

It’s beautiful things like this and the talented artists behind them (Tracy is the pretty lady perched in front of the green wallpaper)… that make me fall in love with the world of Interior Design over and over again.

All images via Black Crow Studios.

I hope you have an inspiring weekend!




Hi Friends!
Last night, this happened….


It was kinda last minute…and as a result, I got nothing for ya.  I can assure you that I had a blast.
Check back tomorrow,   when I plan on being more a responsible blogger and won’t let Dave come between us.



Ideally a book would have no order to it, and the reader would have to discover his own. Mark Twain

I am an old school book girl.  I think e-readers are cool, but they are not for me (yet).  Besides reading a book, I like holding a book, turning a book page, smelling a book, carrying a book, storing a book, lending a book…It goes on and on…I can also add that I would like to literally surround myself with book pages…

I saw this image of John Derian‘s book papered foyer a long long  time ago…It never  left my brain, certain things are permanently etched in there  and maybe it’s because I make room for such things  by forgetting the day to day stuff,  like where I left my phone or that I should brush my hair.  Anyhow, I just love the use of the old worn book pages as a backdrop to all his gorgeous antiques (it’s so John Derian, don’t you think?)  I wonder what  kind of books he used?  I’d stand  there forever reading the walls, and it wouldn’t even be weird.  Image source.

I am also really digging this take on it… Pair the worn walls with bold pieces, because… as much as I do love a dainty antique, I am a big fan of a bold piece .  Image source.

And this is the image that pulled that John Derian gem to the forefront of my brain.  Desire to Inspire featured it in a post not so long ago.  I am also dying over the over sized frame on med. cabinet with that gorgeous green on it, and that amazing pedestal and the styling of the photo, the whole thing is just gorgeous.  Image source.

Or…You could forgo words and shift gears to an image book, but not just any image book…A Cabinet of Natural Curiosities book, you know, if you  have an extra one  lying around.  Image source.

Another lovely room with a lovely illustrated book wall.  Image source.

And if you can’t bear to rip a book apart, try this… It’s just as cool and it will make your book hoarding stylish.  We all like when we can hoard for betterment of our surroundings.

Image source.

Would you use old books on your walls?



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Chocolate as modernist art for my heart {and belly}.

Today’s post may be one of  my all time favorites,  because it’s about chocolate.  Seems crazy coming from a girl who has a lot of other pretty things to obsess over… but that just goes to show you how deep my life-long love is – and trust me – these bars are pretty.  2 Birds 1 Stone.

When I stumbled upon  Chocolate Editions,  my heart skipped a beat or two or three… Beautiful, artful, modern, delicious handmade confections  by Mary and Matt that “celebrate the candy bar as a pop object”.  Amen!

Chocolate Editions is “a full line that draws its inspiration from an eclectic array of favorites — rugby shirts, works by Sol LeWitt and David Hockney, and Neapolitan ice cream have all been reimagined as deliciously artful candies.”

mmmmmmmmm…My kind of pie chart.

Not only are their chocolates beautiful, the Salted Dark Bars below come wrapped in handmade marbleized paper.  A special Valentine’s edition launched earlier this year.

Mary Matson and Matt Even are the creative duo behind Chocolate Editions, lifelong artistic collaborators with combined backgrounds in design, pastry,  painting and  advertising…no wonder these are so beautiful!

The primary editions bars above are inspired by Sol Lewitt’s wall drawing #419.  That’s cool.

All images via.

 Buy them here or have them shipped… I hope you have a sweet sweet Tuesday 🙂



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