Plates on a wall.

Hanging plates on a wall is nothing new, that’s not to say that this time-honored decorative tradition can’t be fresh.  I love the effects created by the collections in the images below.  Unexpected placements, layering,  color groupings,  freeform asymmetrical shapes … same concept,  wildly different takes.  See?  Collecting things is still allowed and encouraged, as long as said things are pretty and make you happy (so much room for interpretation).

The blue and white plates want to be traditional, but the color contrast against the Suzani and composition don’t allow it.

There is so much to love about this image.  It’s over-the-top at  it’s finest!

A sweet and vintage approach.

Now, a dark and moody approach.

Scattered Blue and Whites in the bedroom.  Rooster lamp for the win.

Mostly sweet (with a fierce looking pup in the mix to let you know these plates are messing around). I love the texture and layering  of this one.

All black and white on graphite on an outside  wall at the Viceroy.

It’s okay to let a clock join in on the fun, as long as it works well with the plates.

Cool Marimekko Plates.

On an outside corner. Love.

If you’re lazy (no judgement),  you can always get some of these porcelain plate wallpapers from Studio Ditte!

All sources linked within images.



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13 thoughts on “Plates on a wall.

  1. T – one of my wee failings is that I seem to collect plates (ostensibly to hang on my walls, although this has yet to happen). Problem is – they don’t bloody go together, because there is no method to my plate gathering. And, I do think some sort of common theme (colour? period? style?) is important.

    Perhaps you should plan a trip to Syders to style my plate collection? Hmmm?

    • Hahaha, I want to go to Sydney! Specially for plate hanging… there ain’t no rhyme or reason for some of these arrangements, just start tacking them up on the wall and see what happens! I have a couple plates, but my collection is seriously lacking, I better get on this.

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