Ideally a book would have no order to it, and the reader would have to discover his own. Mark Twain

I am an old school book girl.  I think e-readers are cool, but they are not for me (yet).  Besides reading a book, I like holding a book, turning a book page, smelling a book, carrying a book, storing a book, lending a book…It goes on and on…I can also add that I would like to literally surround myself with book pages…

I saw this image of John Derian‘s book papered foyer a long long  time ago…It never  left my brain, certain things are permanently etched in there  and maybe it’s because I make room for such things  by forgetting the day to day stuff,  like where I left my phone or that I should brush my hair.  Anyhow, I just love the use of the old worn book pages as a backdrop to all his gorgeous antiques (it’s so John Derian, don’t you think?)  I wonder what  kind of books he used?  I’d stand  there forever reading the walls, and it wouldn’t even be weird.  Image source.

I am also really digging this take on it… Pair the worn walls with bold pieces, because… as much as I do love a dainty antique, I am a big fan of a bold piece .  Image source.

And this is the image that pulled that John Derian gem to the forefront of my brain.  Desire to Inspire featured it in a post not so long ago.  I am also dying over the over sized frame on med. cabinet with that gorgeous green on it, and that amazing pedestal and the styling of the photo, the whole thing is just gorgeous.  Image source.

Or…You could forgo words and shift gears to an image book, but not just any image book…A Cabinet of Natural Curiosities book, you know, if you  have an extra one  lying around.  Image source.

Another lovely room with a lovely illustrated book wall.  Image source.

And if you can’t bear to rip a book apart, try this… It’s just as cool and it will make your book hoarding stylish.  We all like when we can hoard for betterment of our surroundings.

Image source.

Would you use old books on your walls?



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6 thoughts on “Ideally a book would have no order to it, and the reader would have to discover his own. Mark Twain

  1. Hi T – Have I already mentioned my friend in NZ to you? – The one who has wallpapered the smallest room in the house with images of her favourite friends and family? If you don’t make the wall, you’re in trouble… 🙂

    You know how much I love John Derian!

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