Chocolate as modernist art for my heart {and belly}.

Today’s post may be one of  my all time favorites,  because it’s about chocolate.  Seems crazy coming from a girl who has a lot of other pretty things to obsess over… but that just goes to show you how deep my life-long love is – and trust me – these bars are pretty.  2 Birds 1 Stone.

When I stumbled upon  Chocolate Editions,  my heart skipped a beat or two or three… Beautiful, artful, modern, delicious handmade confections  by Mary and Matt that “celebrate the candy bar as a pop object”.  Amen!

Chocolate Editions is “a full line that draws its inspiration from an eclectic array of favorites — rugby shirts, works by Sol LeWitt and David Hockney, and Neapolitan ice cream have all been reimagined as deliciously artful candies.”

mmmmmmmmm…My kind of pie chart.

Not only are their chocolates beautiful, the Salted Dark Bars below come wrapped in handmade marbleized paper.  A special Valentine’s edition launched earlier this year.

Mary Matson and Matt Even are the creative duo behind Chocolate Editions, lifelong artistic collaborators with combined backgrounds in design, pastry,  painting and  advertising…no wonder these are so beautiful!

The primary editions bars above are inspired by Sol Lewitt’s wall drawing #419.  That’s cool.

All images via.

 Buy them here or have them shipped… I hope you have a sweet sweet Tuesday 🙂



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