The work of Kari Herer.

I’d thought I’d kick of f the week with some of the most beautiful photographs from Porltland, Maine  photographer Kari Herer.  I came across her work a few years ago and have been a big fan ever since.  Kari draws inspiration from her love of nature and background in the fine arts to create stunning photographs that are just as beautiful as they are interesting .

Kari created this series of photographs by pairing her original illustrations with  flowers.  Available on her Etsy shop.

Her botanical photography series has such a beautiful composition of vivid colors and textures. Also available on Etsy.

Kari’s  website  has a beautiful collection of animal and  kids’ portraits as well as wedding photographs and commercial work.

These are my favorite shots from her Animal portfolio- because I am obsessed with dogs, and cool pictures of them.

The photos below are from Chicken Farm in her commercial portfolio.   I love  these… besides the sheer beauty of them,  farm animals are great and they don’t get enough time in the lime light.

Botanical and illustration images via.  Pet and Chicken Farm images via.

I hope you enjoy her work as much as I do, be sure to visit Kari’s website for more beauty  (we all know it’s  much needed on a Munday).  Have a wonderful week!



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7 thoughts on “The work of Kari Herer.

  1. T – I had seen her botanicals work before (and it is just beautiful) but I almost prefer the animal images. How gorgeous are those puppies? I’m a sucker for a dog pic’, too 🙂

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