Poms and Tassels Poms and Tassels Poms and Tassels

Fact:  Add pom poms or tassels to anything and it will  become celebratory, happy and generally super awesome.  This logic can be used successfully in both fashion and interiors… See below…

Well, if adorning your neck with pom poms doesn’t convey that you like to have tons of  fun, I don’t know what will.  This Akong London Conquistadora necklace is perfect.  First spotted this over at Honestly WTF, they did an awesome DIY version.

I’ve mentioned Kay Mcgowan’s  A Curated Life here recently, these Cotton Pom Pom Blankets are part of her amazing collection.

Mara Hoffman’s Pom Pom Bag is the most festive bag in the whole wide world.  Seriously, try to find a happier bag, I bet you can’t.

Calypso has Pom Pom Blankets, in really good colors.

Ivory Tassel Lamp by Laura Kirar for Arteriors Home.  SO boss. Get it here.

Amazing Serpui Marie clutch with tassels to make the LBD so much better. Available here.

Oscar de la Renta Tassel Earrings here and here.  Stella and Dot Tassel necklace here.

Purl Bee Summer Pom Pom Cowl Scarf here.

Urban Outfitters Cote d’Ivoire Bracelets.  I want them all, so I can wear 2 on each wrist. Too much?  I think not honey boo boo.

If you’re reading this post thinking poms cant be classy,  this shot from  Lonny will surely make you a believer.

Pom Pom Confetti top at J. Crew.

I could stop paying rent for a sec and get this Matthew Williamson clutch.  I really could…

It ain’t a good camel scarf until you got tassels on it, right?  Avaialable at Kate Spade.

I hope this got you in a celebrating mood for the weekend!  I am off to my little brother‘s  graduation today from U Mass Boston!  Woo Hoo! Congrats Raf! Love you bro!



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