Super Fresh Wallpaper: Flat Vernacular.

How cool are these wallpapers from Flat Vernacular?  I came across them at The Martin Group showroom in the BDC yesterday and had to do a double take, such a quirky and fun breath of fresh air… My favorite thing about most of the patterns is that you don’t get the humor until you’re very close to the paper, I am a big believer in injecting humor into everything (well, almost everything), interiors included… Taking everything too seriously is highly overrated! Don’t you agree? Read more about the Brooklyn based design company here.

All images via Flat Vernacular.

Have a fun Thursday!



5 thoughts on “Super Fresh Wallpaper: Flat Vernacular.

  1. yes- i have written about their sticker wallpaper installation. love it! it reminds me of willy wonka’s lickable wallpaper! that’s awesome it’s at martin group! good for them for getting something so modern!


    • It literally made me stop on my tracks, so cool that they are at the Martin Group. The wall stickers are so much fun, they are so different from anything I’ve seen in a while!

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