The colors of Flora Bowley make me happy.

I recently came across the beautiful work of Flora Bowley on My Adventure is Your Adventure.  I was instantly captivated by the striking colors in her abstract art.  The piece below is called “Pollenflower” and it really did it for me, the colors are so good my eyes are jumping for joy.   Bowley’s philosophy is “let go, be bold, and unfold”, no wonder I’m like a moth to a flame.

Since I am addicted to these colors (specially the blues), here you go…

And one of my philosophies is “if you’re not addicted to Essie, there’s something wrong with you”.  Not as noble, but it rings true.  These colors are on my shopping list.  And then I wonder why I drop so much money at CVS every time I go in for one thing.

Lagomorph  Design in Chicago is amazing, please click over immediately to see all the cool amazing stuff they make.  I came across this beauty a couple weeks ago while hunting for “cool desks” for clients.  If you look up “cool desk” in the dictionary, there should be a big glossy pic of their Hackberry Desk.  Bonus?  Seth over there is a riot and will make you lol while confessing his addiction to walnut.

Whhhhaaaat, Zara shoes, you know you want  to come to a certain closet in lower Allston, stop playing girl, I know you’re dying to!!! KILLER!

If I had something like this party going on on my wrist, maybe  I’d finally learn how to tell time.  I can’t tell my rights and lefts either, stop judging me please.

And for your viewing pleasure, here is some more of Flora’s Work, visit her site for more!

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