Happy Friday! And a Mishap.

Feliz Friday, Amigos!

Remember the time you hit publish on an unfinished post instead of save draft?  I do… I guess that’s what happens when you are  laughing hysterically at Jonah Hill on the TV and trying to get a post ready at the same time.  My apologies if you read it before I frantically edited.  But it’s alright,  because it’s Friday, I’m wearing my favorite jean tuxedo, exactly one denim fedora away from looking like a curly haired Justin Timberlake circa 2001).  And…Earl is coming to work at  today, that means I get to walk him in Central Square, and that  means I get to people watch in the best place to people watch in the world  (last time I spotted gold hot pants on layers of faux fur, it was like 80 degrees out).

So I will leave you with my favorite pins of the week! You can follow me by clicking here if you wish.

The bar cart is back! Well it never went anywhere, but I love all the pictures of them floating around the internet, I also love the idea of my drink being wheeled over.  Pinned from Lisa Sherry Interieurs.

Left:  Glittering Sea  Tote, absolute must have for the summer time!!! Pinned from Free People.

Right: Wool Pompom blanket from Kay McGowan’s site A Curated World.  The site is a MUST see.

Left: A bold sofa Pinned via Joanna Hawley

Right: A book I must own.   Via. Desire to Inspire.

Pinned from Design Crisis, one of my favorite design blogs.

On the hunt for a similar light fixture for one of our clients!  Holler if you know where I can find one!  Pinned from Lisa Sherry Interieurs

That’s it! Enjoy your weekend and be safe!



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