Making my bed.

Ever since I fled the nest and became responsible with providing myself with my own bedding, I have had strict all white everything weirdness that, as hard as I try, I cannot shake.  From the dust ruffle, to the sheets, to the duvet,  it all has to be white.  I’ve tried here and there to add a little color with a throw pillow or a blanket, but after a few days, it bugs me and whatever isn’t white, gets voted off the bed.  Any of you have this crazy?  I am a color junkie in all other aspects of my life, but it’s so comfy sleeping in all white sheets!

I came across the image below on and  became intrigued by it’s awesomeness.  It’s actually a knitting tutorial for that amazing blanket, but we’re going to have to ignore that  because I have the knitting skills of a cat.   Anyhow, the picture got me all shook up about the possibilities.  The ruffled sheets, slight color variation on the duvet (eek!), and super cool textured blanket, it all looks so effortless/comfy/ inviting. I think I wouldn’t lose any sleep over the lack of matching whiteness.  I think this tone on tone bed could be my new white bed.   I think I am cured!

And here is my situation. Womp Womp, so sad, so comfy.

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6 thoughts on “Making my bed.

  1. Thiara, I am with you on the white sheet thing (towels, too). When you work with color and pattern all day, i just feel it’s kind of nice to have that simplicity in the bedroom. I always go back to crisp white sheets!

  2. “because I have the knitting skills of a cat” – me too. Brilliant expression!

    It is your bedroom – decorate it in the way that makes you most happy. I’ve always had a thing for red sheets. Don’t ask me why. No idea – just love them. 🙂

    • That’s so funny, not too long ago, I walked around a store for an hour with hot pink, almost red Kate Spade sheets in my hands, just couldn’t do it, I think about them all the time though.

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