Cole & Son’s Gondola, and my new home.

Last week, I struck gold.  While on the hunt at the Boston Design Center, I came across this gem.

Cole & Son’s Gondola wallpaper, it was love at first sight.  The lanterns, the colors, the depth, the absolute superiority of it all.  This picture barely does it any justice, the paper is heavy and each color is layered on as if it were painted, it’s wonderful.  This is the kind of thing that makes me so excited at work, that I can barely explain why it needs to be part of a scheme, I mean, how do you explain love?   After presenting it with some reserved excitement (you have to love it to want it in your house, you know), we were beyond excited that our client  wanted to explore it.   Did a quick google image search for the full repeat,  fell in love with the paper again, this time, it was this gem that did it.

Whhhhhhhaaaaat?  You can’t stop me, I’m taking the first Lucky Star to New York and I’m moving in!!!!  This paradise is the home of my new roommates,  Designer John Loecke of John Loecke, Inc. and his partner Jason Oliver Nixon .  Isn’t it magical?  New York Magazine did a feature on their  Brooklyn home.  Let’s go into the rabbit hole, shall we?

I can’t even handle it. Too good for my mumbling words.

All interior images via New York Magazine. Click the link for the full article.

Wallpaper image via.

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13 thoughts on “Cole & Son’s Gondola, and my new home.

    • Hello Mr. Oliver! Thank you for reading and putting design like yours out in the world for me to obsess over! I am such a fan and have been combing through your website to soak it all in, so much inspiration! Banish the Beige, is right! Cheers, Thiara

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