Happy Friday! and Sukan

Happy Friday!  The sun will finally shine here this weekend, which is so great because Earl can’t stand his rain jacket and also because I will be everywhere this weekend, everywhere for real!  Between celebrating my BFF’s birthday, getting my hair done, painting at my brother’s,  drawing up and meeting about cabinetry, celebrating a First Communion, shopping for a big girl camera,  and most importantly, celebrating Mother’s Day, I might not have a second to catch my breath, but since these are all wonderful things, I will thank my lucky stars!   What are you up to this weekend?

One other thing…I am in love with every single pillow on the Sukan Etsy shop.  The collection of Kilim, Suzani and Ikat cushions is so stunning and will beautify your sofa, your bed, your chaise, your floor…The possibilities are endless! Go check it out.

All photos via Sukan.



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