Avoiding the sunflower effect.

Mary Kate Olsen’s hair on the Met Ball red carpet looked strikingly familiar, I see something very similar every morning in the mirror.    Ever since I was a little tiny tot, I’ve hated dealing with my hair, this aversion to a comb usually culminates into a messy bun, a messy braid, crazy messy long half-curly hair, and even sometimes something my mother has dubbed a “sunflower”  (it’s not pretty, this is when all the stray hair surrounding my face conspires to stand up in every direction, resulting in a sunflower-like bloom that is especially realistic when I am sporting brunette roots).  I’m 28, I should have a hold on this by now, but I don’t, and so what I like to do is disguise my situation with anything from scarves, to flower pins to glitter headbands.  And let’s not forget that summer is different beast altogether, this is when the humidity kicks in and my frizz kicks up like 100 notches- like I said, it ain’t pretty.  As the warmer months approach, I plan on getting myself a keratin treatment and then I will stock up on more summery hair flair, because old habits die hard.  Below is my wish list.

Nothing distracts you from fly-aways better than a good piece of flair.  All above by Ban.do.

I’ll Need a few more scarves to cover my sunflower frizz.  Mod Cloth has a fun collection, and the prices are great.   Above  is how I hope to wear all my new scarves, Keiko Lynn makes is look so chic, let’s all say a prayer I can look half as cool, or even maybe just like a quarter.

Hats are absolutely essential for the days I can’t be bothered (which are a lot of days).  Top row; Fiesta Fedora, Striped Band Straw HatDunes Lane Straw Fedora   Bottom Row; Eric Javits Fedora, Straw Bucket Hat


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