Wilma’s glitter walls.

Last weekend, I attended my  aunt Wilma’s birthday party.  I’ve mentioned her here  before, she’s the one who played a heavy hand in my love for glitter, sparkle, sequins and shine.  The party was amazing, she sure knows how to throw a classy bash ,  but my favorite moment by far was early in the night, when I realized I was standing her newly painted dining room and it was COVERED IN GLITTER.  Ahhh! I love her, she pretty much made herself more comfortable with the slate blue paint color by throwing some sparkle on it.   I wish we could solve more problems by doing that exact thing, wouldn’t that be so fun?

And while we’re on the subject, how much do you love this gorgeous photography from Aaron Ruell?  Needless to say the glitter walls are killer and has me wanting to do this for real, I really really want glittered walls now, obsessed with the styling too.    Fun fact: Aaron Ruell= Napoleon Dynamite’s brother Kipp.  A hilarious actor and super talented photographer? Who knew!  See more of his work here.

Images via A Subtle Revelry and Aaron Ruell Photography.


2 thoughts on “Wilma’s glitter walls.

    • No but i will have to check it out! I love glitter nails, my favorite is sephora/OPI gold glitter, it’s got different sizes of glitter in it and it’s fabulous!

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