Olampia’s Retroline Duo: Rockin’ my socks.

Can we take a sec to talk about how awesome this fixture from O’lampia is?  Yes we can, we can talk about it all day and we can look at the sexy lines and ridiculous color combo all day long too.   But realistically, we have to do other stuff today.  It will be here though, if you need to come back and sneak a peek.  Yay  O’lampia and all your gorgeous, amazing lights! Also yay for O’lampia’s super friendly and helpful staff!  Now back to our regularly scheduled stuff.


7 thoughts on “Olampia’s Retroline Duo: Rockin’ my socks.

      • Then I’ll return the favor. Btw, several years ago I had saved images of Goldie Hawn’s home in Elle Decor to my file with O’lampia lighting. I liked what they were doing then but this is such a fresh direction. Are you using it on any projects?

      • That’s so cool! I haven’t used this one in particular yet, but I’ve had my eye on it for a while. Their fixtures are such great classics, and the new additions are so interesting. We are placing their bubble pendant for a foyer right now. It’s a very cool fixture

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