Oscar’s ikat, now mine.

While looking through my extensive collection of magazine clippings the other night,  I came across an Ikat article I ripped from a 2008 issue of Elle Decor.  I was clearly excited about the fabric featured in Oscar de la Renta’s spring 2008 collection, as apparent  by the rabid circles I drew around the runway model.   I also think the schoolgirl hearts really drive the point home that, I really really really really love this.

Fast forward 4 years… and luck has rained down on me from the proverbial  design Gods, yaaaaay! While on a shopping mission for Stitch a few months ago, I was looking through a mountain of  pillows covers when I come across this gem at the bottom of  the pile.   The colors were so rich and in such an unusual combination, even though I didn’t remember my run in with this fabric before, obsession set in real quick and I loved everything about it  right away.  The vendor told me a cool story about the fabric coming from the same mill in Uzbekistan which had produced the pattern for Oscar de la Renta… I promptly  purchased a pair of my new favorite pillows ever (among others) and drove back to Cambridge.  Not surprisingly,  Oscar’s pillow didn’t sit at Stitch for too long before I snatched it up in an effort to beautify my living room. I guess the lesson here is that I am consistently obsessed with certain things, even if I don’t remember that I was already obsessed with that same thing a while ago, or whatever.

If you are jealous of my pillow, don’t fret, contact Stitch to get your own.

If you have $1400 bucks, here is the bubble dress in the fabric of my dreams, available at Net A Porter

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3 thoughts on “Oscar’s ikat, now mine.

    • Thanks Sami! I would love nothing but to win that awesome give away, and I was about to enter this afternoon…but I have a birthday party to attend that night way outside the city! I will post on my facebook!

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