Domino Quick Fixes: On my nightstand now.

On my lunch run to wholefoods today, I picked up a copy of the much anticipated Domino Quick Fixes.  Gladly shelled out the eleven bucks for the special edition, which is essentially a collection of past editorial photos packaged with tips on furniture updates, organization and styling of rooms and additional inpiration/ how-to’s around the house.   As a loyal reader of Domino, and owner of 2 copies of the Domino book, the special edition feels a little bit like the cliffs notes, but I am still enjoying it and looking forward for the 2nd Special Edition coming out in September.  Now if only the powers that be would resurrect our favorite mag already!

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2 thoughts on “Domino Quick Fixes: On my nightstand now.

  1. i have heard some people say they felt like the internet ruined the excitingness inside the magazine- what do you think? sometimes when i read a magazine i feel like it’s all old news! ha!


    • I was excited about it, but didn’t read up on the details too much, I agree with you on the internet ruining it! I did know that it was going to be more of a reuse of their old photos. It’s exciting nonetheless! Kind of like a new addition to my Domino collection.

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