Gearing up for summer.

What’s  black and white and sexy all over?  My new Schwinn 1-speed  Racer, sillies.  Check out the sweet ride I got at Bicycle Bill’s a couple weekends ago.   Shout out to  Mr. Bicycle Bill for being  super knowledgeable, friendly and helpful in my quest for spring- summer funtimes!  I tortured myself for like three minutes choosing between the black/white and the olive green/brown colorways, but the one white wheel won me over, it’s schizo  just like my crazy design aesthetic, yay!

I also got a sweet deal on this mango-colored Patagonia back pack at Zappos to carry all my snacks, beverages and other leisure aids.

Safety first people! (Well, in this case, third). I am shopping for a proper bike helmet and of course nothing at Target “spoke to me,”  I need something cute because I am a major nerd.  It’s taking up an absurd amount of time to find the one.

1, 2, 3

And last but not least, of course I’ll need a basket for Earl.  He’s not very athletic, but he loves to be outside in the sunshine.  Plus, he’ll love picking fights with other dogs from up high.

This basket is so tricked out and sweet, plus it coordinates with Earl’s hair (key).  It may be a little too big, so I may need to customize and rig up something similar.

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4 thoughts on “Gearing up for summer.

  1. I love that you earl has his own tab, be sure to pack snacks for Earl you know how he like to act Anorexic sometimes! Love the Blog! Love your favorite Roomate!

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