A love for pretty stones.

A couple weekends ago, I paid a visit to my two amazing high school bffs in Washington, DC.  On the first day there, I had a couple hours to myself, which I had originally planned to spend frolicking among the cherry blossoms, but as my luck would have it (for the second time in 3 years, mind you), the blossoms had peaked and fallen to the ground, not one bud for me to enjoy, womp womp.   So to the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History I went!  Had a grand  time with the throngs of school children seeing dinosaur fossils and expanding my knowledge on mammals and butterflies.  My most favorite part, however, was the Minerals Science section .   After almost blinding myself looking at  the Hope Diamond, I walked into  the most beautiful room full of gems and minerals, where I wandered around for a long while just taking in all the  beauty, this took me right back to my childhood.   I grew up in Teofilo Otoni, a town in the state of Minas Gerais (General Mines), Brazil.   Teofilo Otoni is the the gem capital of Brazil, mining and gem trading for aquamarines, topaz, brazilianite, and various forms of quartz take place there and culminates yearly into  The  International Gem and Mineral Show.  My dear grandfather, with whom I lived for a majority of my younger years,  was a miner and also traded gemstones.   I grew up seeing his beautiful stones and have had a special admiration ever since.  A lot of the beautiful geodes and other gems in the exhibit hailed from my old neck of the woods, I thought of my grandpa Genario the whole time I was there, which was pretty special.

A stunning array of minerals in every color imaginable.  I stood in front of this for a while, sort of like a kid in front of a giant candy store.

Malachite on the left and Amethyst on the right.

I forget what those gorgeous ones on the left are.  Malachite on the right.  The educational plaque mentioned that Egyptians made eye shadow out of Malachite, can you imagine! The luxury, sheesh.

Pyromorphite on the left and Wulfenite on the right (that orange color was beyond anything I’ve ever seen!)

Speaking of precious stones…One of favorite designers, the brilliant Marjorie Skouras,  frequently works with quartz, malachite, agate, amethyst and other stones in her incredible collection of lighting, furniture and accessories.  I love seeing the products she dreams up,  I also have an amazingly talented friend from college who works with Marjorie and helps bring the designs to life in their LA studio.

1st Row left to right: Marta Agate Sconce, Gemstone Hardware

2nd Row left to right: Malachite Side Table, Rock Crystal Toby Table

3rd Row left to right: Empire Sconce,   Gemstone Beetle Paper Weight

4rd Row left to right: Rock Crystal Mirror

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