Martinique, the palm leaf wonder.

I can’t remember when I first came  across Hinson’s Martinique wallpaper, but I do remember my reaction… Initially, was  neither positive nor negative, it was more like a gasp followed by “wow” followed by hot flashes and confusion as I spent quite some time trying to decide whether I liked it or not.  I eventually came out of my banana leaf haze and we fell deeply in love.  This paper is bold, classic, adventurous and has a clear point of view… all things I believe in and hold near and dear to my young designer heart.   Not a lot of spaces would be ready for this jelly, but when it works, the end result is just magical, immediately transporting you to a Caribbean island filled with tropical Hollywood glamour and style.

Martinique was first designed in 1941, the palm-leaf pattern was made famous when it was specified for the Beverly Hills Hotel in 1942 (where it still hangs), the rest is history.  The Hinson design is still being hand screened on heavy paper creating a layered three- dimensional quality which makes it stand out even more from the sea of imitators.  I would be a fool not to mention that Martinique graced  Blanche Devereaux’s lair on The Golden Girls, proof here.

Brian Atwood‘s Milan studio designed by Nate Berkus.  Photo via. 

Steven Sclaroff designed this New York Loft entryway. Featured in April 2012’s issue of House Beautiful.

Martinique Wallpaper at the Beverly Hills Hotel.  Photo via.

Perfectly placed in this contemporary kitchen.  I love the clay  floor tile and bistro set with this paper, so perfect.  Image scanned from unknown  magazine source.

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