Put a plant on it, Update.

Last year, I made a resolution to reverse my black thumb curse.  My quest was simple, buy three plants, keep them alive .  Fast forward a year and I am proud to report  that I’ve kept my three plants alive, not only that,  one of them even needs a new pot , because it grew! (it grew!)  My mom and I celebrated my brilliant success this weekend by getting me a new plant.  We went to River’s Edge Garden Center, an awesome local green house in Framingham owned by Family friends, this is also where my fab little sister works.  We browsed around for some time before we  finally decided on a Philodendron Monstera, the big split  palm  leaves drew me right in, so tropical and fabulous!  After zeroing in on my new  palm, I found the perfect pot for it…. A quirky Jonathan Adler-esque vessel with a fierce lady design, and it was only $12.99, SOLD!  I love River’s Edge, if you need anything plant related and you’re west of Boston, go there!

My supplies.   Pot, plant, soil, watering can.

I put some of the organic potting soil in the lady pot, then transferred the plant to it…Packed more soil, watered… and voila!

My mom has the best stuff, check out her frog…he is magical and gives you compliments, well..maybe he is giving himself a compliment, but we can pretend.

My split leaf palm likes medium light (5-8 feet from windows), moderate watering (every 7 -10 days)  and does not like to be moved around once she is placed and comfortable.  This plant is poisonous to pets, so beware! In my case, Earl won’t bother and it is far away from the floor or sofa… so, we’re good to go.  For more detailed care instructions click here.

A cool side note to this post is that Earl‘s first family are  the owners of River’s Edge.  It was awesome to see him so happy reunited with his little pack and his family.  I am so grateful to them for bringing the sweetest dog into my life, we are so happy together .

Sam taking a break from work with  Earl and Sylvia… Annie, Earl and Syl…  Syl and I.

Here is  Baby Earl at River’s Edge (with Jenna), it’s so cute, I’m dying.

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Put a plant on it.


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