I like pastels too!

Taking a break from my dependence on loud, bright, saturated, borderline obnoxious but still awesome colors in honor of the Easter bunny.  I am an equal opportunity junkie and will appreciate all colors of the rainbow, even soft, pastel hues…My timing is impeccable, you’re welcome.

Now, if I were to live in a pastel world, you can bet your dollars that this is how I would do it.  Contrast it with pewters and browns. Photo via Rue Mag.

Have you seen the Paule Marrot  collection at Natural Curiosities?  It’s  amazing, get to know it.   These are two of my favorite prints from the textile archives of the French artist. Feathers on the left, Pink Birds on the right.

All the colors of the pastel rainbow! Photo via Plenty of Color.

Bedroom of Naomi Stein on a Design*Sponge sneak peek.

Zap by Fiona Curran for The Rug Company.  I think I can proclaim this to be my favorite rug, ever.  Pastel with dark interruptions.

A minty  smeg is just what this gorgeous kitchen needed, specially when combined with such a bold rug!  Via Decoholic.

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