Color Inspiration: Farrow & Ball

I could stare at a Farrow & Ball paint deck  for hours.  All you color snobs out there know exactly what I mean.   The line’s color palette is impeccably edited, while flipping through the deck, every color is your  favorite.  Did you know that  the name for the color “Dead Salmon” comes from a painting bill for the library at Kedleston of 1805?   Well, now you do, thanks to the back of the sample card.  F&B’s website is a fantastic source for inspiration with beautiful images, color palette suggestions and helpful paint tips and advice.  Also a place I can get lost in for hours.

Huge fan of this color combination.  The blue paired with pink and bits of graphite is stunning.   The image is from the Color Supplements Magazine, with F&B produces in conjunction with Better Homes and Gardens.  Walls: Calamine Pink No. 230,  Floor: Parma Gray No. 27.

Beautiful paint scheme.

Hague Blue No. 30.

Charlotte’s Locks No. 268.  Love how the color is used both in a full gloss and matt emulsion finish.  Adds a great layer of depth to this striking wall.

Beautiful use of black on walls.

Paneling: Vert De Terre No. 234, Beading: Lichen No. 19, Chairs and Floor: Stone Blue No. 86

All images via Farrow & Ball.


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