Tom Dixon

I am in love with the elegance and simplicity of Tom Dixon’s designs.  I may be in love with Mr. Dixon himself.  Below are a few of my most favorite pieces from his collection.  He works brilliantly with metals, and I am especially fond of his light fixtures.  Each is strikingly simple and can hold a room on it’s own, but when installed in multiples, the effect is way dreamy.

Beat Light Stout. Images via Tom Dixon.

Beat Light Stout pendants installed at Ubon, a Thai restaurant in Kuait city designed by architect Rashed Alfoudari.  Via Dezeen.

Collection of Beat lights used at Kosushi in Sao Paulo, Brazil.  Image Via Studio Arthur Casas.

Etch Light.  Images Via Tom Dixon.

Copper Shade Pendant.  Via Tom Dixon. I’ve loved this fixture for so long.

Copper Shade pendant in bedroom setting.  Via Carrie Can on Manon’s Pinterest.

Tom Dixon’s furniture and accessory pieces are just as simple and stunning as his lights.

Scoop High Copper Legs.  Image via Tom Dixon.

Rock Table.  Image via Tom Dixon.  Rock is made from Forest Brown Indian marble. Simple and gorgeous.

Aluminum knob with a  high-gloss Black powder coating on the exterior which  contrasts with the lacquered brass interior.  A beautiful clothes hook which can double as a wall sculpture. Image via Tom Dixon.


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