Ever heard the saying; “The cobbler’s children have no shoes”?   Well… I’m the cobbler, I have no children, and I barely wear shoes.   I am an interior designer and it’s a job I take a lot of pride in…my apartment on the other hand, can accurately be described as kind of a colorful, glittery mess.  I love mi casa,   but  I never get around to actually pulling it together.  This past weekend I hosted a Stella & Dot trunk show with my friend Jolene  in my teeny living room. I sprung into action last week for a quick makeover.

Accent wall was painted on Tuesday, side tables were sprayed a lacquer red on Wednesday and Thursday.  Friday night I pulled together some pillows, throws, wall hangings  and accessories.  Saturday I gave the place a good cleaning just  in time time for the party!  Not bad!!

Love this door knob…  My shiny new red table is beyond.

Earl is enjoying his new surroundings.  He was so fed up with the cream wall and the off white couch and white side tables, ew.  WE LOVE COLOR, now it shows.

Dug up a sequined glitter pillow.

I have a cement pug.  A lovely gift from my mom in remembrance of the fabulous Gretta!

Dug up a pair of dotted pillow covers from Les Indiennes from the depths of my closet, they pulled the blue from the accent wall pretty nicely.

Look at how happy my table looks! Four dollar paint can. Holla.

My favorite glitter skeleton. I clearly love dots. And glitter.

All pictures by me.

 Here  is the only “before” picture I have.  From shortly after I moved in.


6 thoughts on “Makeover

  1. Beautiful! I am also a lover of colour. I have just graduated as an interior designer and am in the process of doing up my place for a work/ living space to work with clients. I love your use of pattern and colour it really shows a personalised hand 🙂

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