Fashion Break: Wedge trainers… I must be high.

Recently I had an unexplainable urge to buy blue suede wedge sneakers.  It went a little something like this… I’m making my way  through the shoe department at crowded store and  a pair of strange shoes catch my attention… I have to investigate further so I head over to take a closer look, and I stand there…admiring these strange ( if not ..ugly?) shoes.  They were the only pair in the store and unlike any of the others, all alone  in the corner (in my size)…So I keep them company for a while,  then resolve I must try them on…Suddenly, I am 4.5″ taller…in blue suede shoes… I am no match for this magic.  I am now almost 5’10” … a gift from the heavens.

If you feel inclined- Here’s where you can get yourself a pair. You’re welcome.

Here we are in action…So happy together.

Turns out I was onto something.   ASOS did a little post on Facebook on whether wedge trainers are ridiculous or awesome…I say they are both,  that’s how I like a lot of things…


Clearly, ankle support is key.  Via.



This is a fab evolution from the  spice girl platform sneaker trend we loved so much  in the 90’s. On board.


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