back from a 5 month hiatus…and a waylande gregory addiction.

My my how time does fly…Let’s not dwell on the fact that I haven’t posted in 5 months..instead, let’s just get right back into the swing of things with another addiction (yes, that’s what we’ll do).

Waylande Gregory… his ceramics, designs, colors …everything really….my obsession as of late.  I first fell in love with a little green bowl featuring a leopard and some 24 karat gold a few months ago at Patch NYC (hands down my favorite shop in Boston…where else would I be able to acquire a small skeleton covered in glitter?)  anywhoo… anyone who knows me for 5 minute knows I’m all over anything leopard and anything gold, so naturally I fell in love….head over heels… I had to research the creator of such a fabulous trinket… It turns out Waylande Gregory was one of the most influential ceramic sculptors in the 20th century.  Not only were his pieces at the forefront of the Art Deco period in America, he revolutionized glazing and processing methods… and most importantly graced my life with the items below…On Tuesday,  I am roaming the isles at  NYIGF …Lo and behold  a booth filled with Gregory’s bold, colorful, beautiful and gleaming pieces beckons me from a distance.  I pick my jaw up off of the floor, put my hand to my heart  to keep it from  beating out of my chest and wander over with a big cheesy smile on my face.

A crowned peacock vase for my bff Rachel and a leopard vase for me!

Ahhhhhhhh!!!!   My birthday is September 1st people, I’m practically doing the work for you.

All images taken by yours truly.


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