I heart Clarence House

I would like to take a moment and profess my love for Clarence HouseWebster and Co. at the BDC has CH tucked in the back corner of their showroom, which could be my favorite spot in that entire building (probably because Jim Thompson is back there too, that may have something to do with it).  Clarence House has everything you could possibly dream about, and I am especially fond of  their colorful hand printed linens, crewels and velvets.  The patterns and colors are entirely unique and can take a room up about  10 notches and make it that much more important (to me). This isn’t helping my fabric obsession.

Jaguar Velours Soie (There is a reason this blog got it’s name, this may have contributed)

Anouk (This is happiness printed on linen)

Congo (Obsessed, please feel free  take a moment or two  to take this in, you’ll need it)

Aztec Crewel (I love me a good crewel, even more so with some Aztec motifs)

Cry of Love

II Gallo Original (This is an ode to my mother and her love of gallos)

Operato (This cotton/silk woven is perfect for dramatic drapes, who’s with me)

Damasco Umbrio

Jembala Print

Velours Trocadero

Tigre Velours Soie


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