Back when I used to live in Medford.

So I am looking through old photos on my abandoned flickr page the other day (because I have sooooo much time on my hands or sleep less) and I happen to come across pictures of  my apartment from a few years back…I was so put together back then, no idea what happened.  I wish I had documented  everywhere I have lived thus far (including a prison cell dorm room way back in the day), it’s very cool to look back and see exactly what surrounded you at a point in time.  I shall do this from now, although my days of moving around like a gypsy are probably over, short of getting the heck out of  Allston.

I have way more apothecary bottles now, that’s what frequenting Brimfield will do to you. It’s absurd.

I used to love that radiator.

Dont’ be jeals…I totally used to rock a papasan chair…  and I still love that poster, even though no one gets it (it’s hot pink with type, I don’t get why no one gets it).

I got this Madeline Weinrib wool flatweave from work and I love this thing. That little table was free… from the sidewalk, I can shop anywhere.

Good Shape Design has the best prints. I miss wall space …and regular ceilings…and real windows ( I swear I am not coming live to you from a dungeon).

My besties helped me paint this kitchen, thanks to my color selection, we had to paint like 500 coats.   They are still my friends, so that’s good.

AT did a couple posts about this apartment here and here.

And Rearranged Design did a little house tour here.



3 thoughts on “Back when I used to live in Medford.

  1. You are so talented!!! Love these photos!! I love radiators too. I lived in an old farm house in Lexington out of college and LOVED the white radiators in every room. miss it.

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