Happy Happy Birthday Raf & Vó!

Twenty five years ago today my mom graced the world with Raf.  A teensy little baby who grew into a young man with a knack for choreographing big moves on his skinny legs and who also had a healthy obsession with knives, guns and Rambo (evidence below).  Raf has never ever lost his cool… his cool has only evolved..and although he no longer does splits to C.C. and The Music Factory, he’ll do your taxes to  Lil’ Wayne, and fix your computer for good beer.   Happy birthday Raf, enjoy your day bro- you’re awesome.


What makes today extra awesome is that it is also my grandma’s birthday, and she’s visiting from Brazil, which means we got to celebrate together this weekend (with a black and pink “birthday diva” party nonetheless).  The epitome of a matriarch in every sense of the word, my love and admiration for this lady goes beyond what I can try to express on this here little blog. Feliz Aniversário Vovó , te amo!

Vovó always made sure we looked really fly, all the time.


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