Miguel Flores-Vianna

“I love rooms, not for the value of their furnishings, nor even because they may be of a certain taste, but because they mirror our lives” – Miguel Flores- Vianna  (Amen)

Susanna Salk recently did great interview for 1st Dibs‘ Introspective Magazine with Miguel Flores-Vianna, the former shelter magazine editor- turned interiors photographer.  The article is filled with stunning shots by Mr. Flores- Vianna and it also chronicles his wildly successful career shift.  The poetic way in which MF-V speaks of his work and his travels is as captivating and elegant as the pictures he takes.  His work radiates such warmth and emotion you can practically smell the flowers and hear the sounds (a designer’s dream).  And to think he literally just picked up a camera five years ago.  I think I’m in love with him.

“I can still remember the golden light as the morning inched toward midday and the eerie emptiness of the  room.  Unexpectedly, around noon, the silence was broken by the most wonderful peal of church bells, and the whole house seemed to shake, as though all the ghosts of the past had come in for a ball.”

“I like Patina: I feel more at ease in houses that have been around for a while” – mf-v

Read the entire interview here.

See more of mf-v’s work here.

All images 1st Dibs and mv-f.com


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