Let’s throw confetti.

My aunt Wilma taught me how to love glitter and gold (she is never without shine, if she is missing sparkle- there is something wrong)…She typically accessorizes with gold, and she has also been known to sponge paint her walls with gold and at times, she paints her nails in gold glitter, it’s perfect.  The other day she was telling us about how she caught herself in head to toe gold before going out in the daytime, she says she toned down her outfit, which I think is nonsense).   Well, naturally she has made quite an impression on me, the shinier the better…So imagine my accelerated heart beat  as I came across Confetti System while perusing through old shoots on  The Selby, Todd shot their  studio last year (see photos here).  Confetti System is owned by artists Julie Ho and Nicholas Andersen, they brilliantly handcraft garlands, streamers, pinatas  and other types of party flair in their New York City studio.  The talented pair has done countless installations including J.Crew‘s Holiday 2010 windows as well as projects for Urban Outfitters and Bergdorf Goodman.  Good for them, this is awesome.

I want a fringed gold wall in my life.  This one was made for the Creatures of the Wind Fall/ Winter ’10 runway show.  I wonder what they did to it afterward.

Really?  Because this is amazing. I might have to get a diamond pinata for the office.

This installation was done for a jewelry show in LA.

Swanky Pinatas for Bergdorf Goodman

Tassel Branch Mobile.

And a gold rope necklace for good measure.

Confetti System has an online store (thank God), visit it here.  I might need a pinata for my birthday this year.

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