Shout out to the 01701.

Well, Lookie what we have here… A  Design Sponge Sneak Peek at the gorgeous and amazing house of Kimberly Ludy, in Framingham.  I am particularly stoked about this one because the Fram holds a very special place in my heart, It was my new home as fresh transplant from Brazil at the impressionable age of 11.  I loved going to middle school there, where the culture shock I sustained  from my move was softened by all my new and cool Brazilian friends at Fuller Middle School…  I could also get coxinha whenever I wanted, all I had to do was convince my mom to drive me downtown…But I digress… This Sneak Peek is really great, and I have no clue how I missed it back in May.  I love this house, it’s  un-decorated and everything in it seems to have great meaning to it’s family- Which is how every house should be.

Oh, I love me a globe.  And a sassy sofa with enviable bones and a fab fabric.

Really?  This is so dreamy, I would literally spend all my time out here.

Fun fact; Kimberly is the owner of two amazing (bookmark now) etsy shops, The Black Strap and Trampoline.

All images via.


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