Brimfield bliss.

I’ve touched on my love of vintage and antique things before. So it no surprise that Brimfield week is probably up there with my favorite weeks of the year.  Yesterday, we kicked the season off right with a quick trip to the land of joy amidst a busy week of installs.

Awesome burlap pendants.  These were handmade by a gentleman in PA, I think. They were so good.

Funny story about this little bouncy chair.  We bought it just as someone else came back with their money.  Such heartbreak!  She literally wanted us to sale her the chair for  a profit right there. No go.

Baskets Baskets Baskets!

Jolene, Kate and I, with our loot. First round of stuff, actually.  We hadn’t even eaten lunch yet at this point. Who needs lunch when you have spool legs, milk jugs and globes.  seriously.

I’m in love with buoys.  I got one of these for my mom.

This kilim grain sack literally stopped us all in our tracks.  It most definitely came home with us.

Oh my God, this is my dream headboard.  Too bad I can’t have a headboard, my ceiling slopes won’t allow it.

Hooray for brass sailboat hooks!

Kate was so sad to walk away from this amazing set of wicker stools. But alas, we must exercise restraint at Brimfield sometimes (yes, it happens).  It’s really hard though, it took 3 of us to help her leave them.

Small vintage postal scales at one of our favorite booths.

This amazing velvet Deco chair is ready to be upholstered.  What an amazing frame, can’t wait to see it redone. Chair crush!

Stunner! Embroidered wall hanging.

Vintage glove molds.

We were convinced we found Earl’s new car (he hates walking in Allston anyway).  The blue velvet is the perfect color to bring out his red hair.  But $1800 was out of my budget, so he’ s going to have to settle for his brown velvet bed instead.

Watch faces and brass buttons.    I will have to think of what to do with these.

More globes for me!

There are couple things you always regret not buying.  This Rambo lunch tin is definitely one of those things. Oh Well.

The Brimfield Antique show is running through May 15th.  It comes back in July and September, but definitely check it out this week if you can.  This was our first time going on the first day of the show,  amazing what you can find when things aren’t picked over!   A little advice… Don’t look that cute, the vendors see you coming from a mile away, don’t be scared of those trainers and backpacks.  Wear good shoes, you’re going to do some walking in the dust, dirt and gravel.  Get there early! We left Boston at 7am (It’s not worth sleeping in, trust me.)   Bring cash in small bills too, there is no sense in haggling the price if you don’t have the right change!   Conquer it field by field, it’s so big and it can be overwhelming.  Write down the booths where you left big purchases or else you’ll never remember where to pick up your loot.  Don’t be scared to haggle those prices!  Vendors are there to sell, and you’re there to buy, let’s make it happen!   Power bars and water, unless you can fuel up on fried dough and popcorn, I suggest bringing some healthier alternatives. Have fun! Trust me, it’s not hard.

For more info, click here.


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