Imagination makes us infinite.

I love my job (understatement).  There’s always something different and creative to explore, but more than anything, I love designing kids’ spaces.  Bedrooms, playrooms, bunkrooms, you name it…I love it.  Whenever the minis rule, there are typically less rules to adhere to (which I tend to enjoy), there is always  much imagination to be explored, not to mention the abundance of color I get to play with.   Luckily, a large portion of our clients at KMID are young families, this gives me plenty of material to work with.

We finished up the project below a few years back and it is still one of my all time favorites.  The coolest young  family with the best sense of style.  We designed bedrooms and a playroom for the kiddies.

Bright orange in the boy’s room.

Pink, gold and deep red in the little girl’s room.

Teal, aubergine and black & white check in the playroom.


Photographs by Matt Albiani via KMID. See more photos here.

….Below is a collection of kid spaces I love!








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