Chair Couture.

I came across Chair Couture and literally couldn’t stop thinking about it.  Is that weird? That I could stop thinking about impeccable French antiques in amazing modern fabrics?  Well,  I’ve never really been all the way there in the normalcy department…but apparently neither has Margaret Elman.  Her amazingly curated collection is somehow enhanced (I have no idea how this is possible, see below for proof though) by carefully selected modern fabrics from  the likes of Maharam and Hable Construction. If that isn’t enough to stop your heart for a sec, she also created a line upholstered in custom printed textiles inspired by nature photographs… The result is stunning and avant-garde…almost as if each piece has come back to life as beautiful and glamorous caricature of its old self.

French carved slipper chairs with original guilt patina, upholstered in green Maharam fabric.  God bless. (Ps. can we note the raised backs on these chairs, amazing)

Carved French chaise circa 1920 upholstered in a custom printed “Water” fabric. This craziness is magical, I love it.

A carved French country bed, literally wearing a field of dandelions.

19th Century Rococo settee upholstered in Hable Construction‘s  “Surf Stripe”.

A carved French fauteuil, circa 1890 dressed in Verner Panton’s “Unisol”.  The original white patina is so good.

Ornate French bergères in custom “grass” fabric.

Ornate French bergères in Verner Panton’s “Geometri” fabric.

All images via Chair Couture.


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