A little photo shoot for Stitch.

Stitch is the online store of  Kate Maloney Interior Design (my day job!).  It  has an eclectic and evolving inventory of furniture, lighting,  accessories and vintage finds.  The best part about this little section of KMID is the hunt for the stuff.  You see, our team has a little bit of a hoarding problem… but not to worry, we only hoard pretty things- and we organize them, so I don’t see us on A&E any time soon.   Kate has gathered quite a bit of merchandise  over the past couple months and in an effort to get everything up online, we called one of my favorite people of all time, the talented miss Jenn Thompson, to help photograph.  She has impressive camera skills and I also  needed an excuse to get her out of Brooklyn for a minute (((for a big hug))). The plan was to  stage our loot near the Charles, but the rain was not about to let up, so after a stop at the Cambridge Main Library, we headed back to my apartment to get things done.  Here a few photos from Tuesday.

Love this embroidered burlap pillow. One of our great finds in High Point.

Vintage blue and white scale.  The shot on the left was at the Cambridge Main Library.

These teeny trays are cute, and useful.  I use mine to store some of my earrings on my nightstand.

Colorful bottles, also finds from High Point.


I love you, love you pillow.  That globe you can’t have, that baby is mine.

Little red vintage alarm clock.

Earl break!  This here  is my handsome Chihuahua helper and sidekick.  His strength lies in napping, but he woke up from time to time to give his two cents.

This is one of the few shots we got outside (ran from the car, camera and suitcase in hand, skies open again, ran back to car).  The weather kept us inside all day long, but we made the best of it.

One of our new canvas totes with brown leather handles.

Earl was supposed to showcase this fabulous vintage game board, but he kept sleeping on the job.  We need to work on his work ethic.

All these items and many more will be on Stitch soon.  Be sure to check it out!  You can also like us on facebook for regular updates on new Stitch inventory and other KMID adventures!



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