I like your grandma’s stuff.

Flea season is right around the corner-  I say this as my heart nearly skips a beat with joy.   Rummaging through old junk to find a treasure is pretty much one of  my favorite things to do.  Flea Markets, yard sales, antique shows, garage sales, Brimfield, Brimfield, Brimfield. Oh, you don’t know about Brimfield? Let me tell you about this magical place/event.  It Happens in May (1.month.away!) July and September…in <drum roll> Brimfield, Massachusetts… An antique show stretching over a mile on both sides of route 20 where over 5000 dealers set up shop for a week for your rummaging pleasure.  Oh I just can’t wait…But more to come on that later.   To hold me over, I sometimes head to Etsy for some browsing.   Here are two of my favorite shops. Happy Shopping!

The Old Red Hen has an amazingly well edited collection of vintage items with a monochrome palette of simple and classic finds.

Venus is no longer available,  I bought this pretty lady.  Botticelli is coming to life in my bedroom.  It’s great.

Vintage porcelain pocket watch faces.

Glass cloche.

Set of vintage flat skeleton keys.



Blue Bell Bazaar is an antique shop in Chicago.  They keep a great collection of industrial, mid century and other vintage  items on their Etsy shop.  Sign up for their email newsletter to find out when new items go online!

Unique metal table lamps.

Amazing chalk globe.


Antique English brass candlesticks.



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