Watercolor Flower Power.

Watercolors  have always transfixed me.   The  translucent effect, the fragile strokes, the depth of color in the pools of paint, the room for error and the lack of boundaries…everything about it captures mood and light unlike any other medium.   Lucky for me, I’ve been coming across it more and more as of late.  I like this very much.

The girls at KMID can probably back me up on this one…Pretty much my obsession for the past couple years.  Rubelli’s Cap d’Antibes impressionistic  watercolor printed linen is perfection in every way.  I could stare at this fabric for hours, it epitomizes my love for all things bright, colorful and happy.

Oh how I could talk about the brilliance of Jim Thompson‘s fabrics for days.  The brush strokes on the Arya Vine pattern are amazingly delicate and contrast beautifully with the textured linen ground fabric.  Hello gorgeous.

Your cereal is going to taste a million times better in one of  these bowls.  Obviously.

Cushions and throw by Bluebellgray, a young Scottish textile design company heavily influenced by a love of color and florals.  I needs these all over my house, right now. Note the glorious pom pom trim, sweet!

Marimekko watercolor kitchen towels. You wash, I’ll dry.

Rainbow Garden bedding by Diane Von Furstenberg for Horchow.  DVF Never disappoints.

Watercolor floral-print shift dress by MaxMara.   So feminine and kick ass, just how dresses should be.

These aren’t flowers, but Aphrochic‘s organic cotton Brooklyn Life shower curtains are so good!

Create your own masterpiece! I have this Watercolor Sketchbook Kit and I love it. Even though my watercolor skills are super tragic, it’s still fun to pretend.


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