Put a Plant on it.

I am taking baby steps to conquer a weakness… my brown/murderous plant killing thumb.  This single  new year’s resolution came about after house sitting  a few months back.   I was responsible for the welfare of two dogs and an absurd amount of plants, and while the dogs and most of  the plants survived my temporary rule, I did manage to kill a good amount of  orchids.

Fast forward  four months, I am now the proud owner of three plants and we are going strong!  (Okay, one is an aloe, it still counts). I’ve always been a big fan live plants, flowers, sprigs,  branches…any living vegetation in a room.  I suspect this stems from growing up in a house full of enormous ferns in Brazil, which were lovingly tended to by my grandmother.  She always told us that we must talk to our plants as we care for them…apparently we need to fertilize,  re-pot, water and strategically  place them in the correct environment too.   Whatever you have to do…It’s worth it, just take a look…




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Via Elle Decor

If you are also new to the house plant game and want to get your feet wet in 2011, here are  three that are easy to care for.  They will probably make you feel like a green-thumb hero and will most definitely make your place look that much better.  In addition to the easy care instructions below…make sure you chat with your plants on a regular basis.  Therapeutic, my Gram was onto something.



Jade plants will do well with indirect sunlight and small pots, they will also store water like crazy (bonus). Plus they are super fleshy and look like little sculptures.




Consider the Pothos plant (fancy name:Epipremnum Aureum) almost fool proof. This thing will thrive in just about any environment as long as you water it and give it some sunlight.




This is the ZZ plant (fancy name: Zamioculcas Zamiifolia).    This one is great if your place does not get a lot of light, it can survive your failure to water (to a degree).  Pretty much  handles neglect like a champ.  I have one, I can vouch for it. Read more about it here.








2 thoughts on “Put a Plant on it.

  1. Thiara!!! I have the same dilemma 😦 I cannot live without plants in my house but I also cannot seem to keep them alive!! I’m totally trying out the ZZ plant!! I have heard one trick regarding orchids, supposedly you can feed them one ice cube per week and that is about the right amount of water? Not sure about sun, etc. Baby steps…

    PS. loving the blog!!!!

    • Joe! Genius to on the orchids!!!! I will have to remember that when I am ready to go there. I just got another zz plant…growing the collection! Go us:)

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