Hi, I’m here for the party.

Well, here goes nothing!  I am just a girl who falls in love with way too many things…and because I am an interior designer, I come across these objects of affection pretty much all the time.  And while I am a late comer to this blogging party, I come with with my fancy shoes on and  bearing gifts, my friends.  Not unlike lots of  awesome blogs out there, the plan is to share all things beautiful, interesting and inspiring.  Said “plan” may change- or not, we shall see.  Anyhoo, a little more about me… I am a known fabric hoarder, I typically keep them next to me- on my desk at the office, and I stroke them when the going gets rough. This is a  problem,  and I am completely unwilling to do anything about it.  Mohair velvet is my fabric of choice, preferably in super bright-amazing-saturated colors. I hone my craft (of hoarding and designing) at a fantastic design firm in Cambridge, I’ve been there for almost 6 years, and sometimes I think it’s ridiculous…the amount of excitement and fun I  have at “work”.  Thanks for stopping by as I get on my soap box!




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